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Creativity Crafted

LISTEN NOW: Ep 5 of DESIGN POD explores creativity crafted

Episode 5 of DESIGN POD is now live! In this episode, in association with Bathroom Brands Group, editor Hamish Kilburn and co-host Harriet Forde meet Audrey Carden and Eleanora Cunietti, the founders of design studio Carden Cunietti, to discuss diversity, how to design good business decisions and explore the trends that both ladies would hate to re-emerge…

Thankfully – and although there is still work to be done – no longer does it raise eyebrows for women to move into leadership roles in the design and also architecture arenas. For Audrey Carden and Eleanora Cunietti, time has moved quickly since they first launched their much-loved Notting Hill store in London in 1996 to now, owning a thriving interior design practice – perfecting their craft by putting everything they have learned along the way into their projects.

The duo’s journey together in business started when they bumped into each other at a London antique fair while scouting for distinctive pieces for clients. The organic decision to start their business with just £20,000 (how things have changed) led to success, failures and too many stories to fit in to this episode.

Despite everything, the ladies would not change a thing – and here’s why…

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